Thermography, or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, is a non-invasive test of physiology.  The benefit of DITI testing is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self-examination, doctor examination, or mammography.   It is painless, with no radiation and no contact with the body.  It is FDA registered.

DITI detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic breast, infection, or vascular disease.   You, or your doctor, then have an opportunity to plan your course of action which may include a change in diet, supplements, essential oils, energy work, exercise, lymphatic self-breast massage, or even a change in wearing restrictive clothing.

All women can benefit from DITI breast screening.  It is especially appropriate for younger women (30-50) whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to be effective.

    thermography image of breasts

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